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"IMPORTANT - Please read if you are going to do an FX Payment/Transfer. Your payment will be delayed or cancelled if it fails to meet the requirements highlighted in this document." Click here

Changes to Trade Related FX Transaction processing via Online Business Banking

To ensure compliance with Foreign Exchange Control documentation, only Online Business Banking customers with approved Treasury Dealing Facilities can remit Foreign Currency through Online Business Banking.

Online Business Banking customers with approved Treasury Dealing Facilities must obtain a booking reference number from Treasury to facilitate the outward remittance through Online Business Banking.

Please contact your Treasury Sales, Relationship or Branch Manager for further information.

Internet Banking using the Online Banking portal:

  • Do not share user username and password with anyone.
  • Do not perform online transactions on computers you suspect that might be compromised.
  • Never use public computers to do your banking.
  • Keep your computer's anti-virus and spyware up to date with the latest definitions by setting it to automatically update daily.
  • Create strong passwords with a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters (a,s,d,A,S,D), numbers (1,2,3,4,5), and special characters (*,&,%,!,#,@,$) with a minimum of 8 characters long.
  • Ensure that you log out completely after use even if it is your own PC or Laptop (in an event your device is stolen it will be difficult to login to Internet Banking without your login credentials)
By logging in to BSP Online Business Banking you agree to the Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions and also the Online Business Banking Terms and Conditions set out by Bank of South Pacific Limited.

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