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Changes to Trade Related FX Transaction processing via Online Business Banking

To ensure compliance with Foreign Exchange Control documentation and approval requirements,

Trade related FX payments via Online Business Banking will require a Booking

Reference number to be issued before the payment can be processed.

Please contact your Relationship Manager or Branch Manager for further information.

Security Alert - Beware of hoax emails and scams

Bank South Pacific advises that hoax emails are in circulation. Although they may appear genuine, they are fraudulent and have not been sent by BSP. Do not click on, or follow any links contained in these emails.

BSP does not send emails informing you that your account will have limited access nor does it send emails requesting you to disclose confidential banking information. Should you receive an email you believe to be a hoax, please email it to BSP at If possible, avoid using the "forward" feature in your email program. Rather, send the hoax email as an attachment. You will receive a response from us confirming receipt of your email.

If you suspect you have received a hoax email:

  • Do not click on, follow any links or provide any information requested
  • Send the suspected hoax email as an attachment to
  • Ensure that your Virus and Spyware software is up to date
  • Delete the email immediately from your Inbox and Deleted Items folder
  • If you clicked on a link in the email, perform a full security scan of your computer (i.e. viruses, spyware and trojans)

Call BSP Client Service Centre immediately for assistance or if you have any questions on 180 1100 or +675 305 7900 for overseas callers.

By logging in to BSP Online Business Banking you agree to the Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions and also the Online Business Banking Terms and Conditions set out by Bank of South Pacific Limited.
To view the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about BSP Online Business Internet Banking please click here.
To apply for BSP Online Business Internet Banking simply download an Application form. Once downloaded, print and complete the form, and present it at any BSP branch.
These forms are in Portable Document Format (PDF). If you do not have the reader for this format, you can download Adobe Acrobat free of charge.
If you clicked on a link in the email, perform a full security scan of your computer (i.e. viruses, spyware and trojans) and contact BSP immediately.
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